• Blood oxygen

    Stay tuned for your heart health , equipped with high-performance heart rate sensors that provide accurate and intuitive data.

  • Heart rate

    Heart rate variability reflects your level of cardiac health, cardiovascular capacity, and stress tolerance, and nighttime heart rate variability levels can also predict your risk of developing sleep apnea syndrome.

  • Sleep

    Track your sleep at night.Sleep data will display three sleep stages.
    Namely deep sleep,light sleep, and rapid eye movement stage And rate your sleep quality.

  • Sports

    Dozens of GPS sports,indoor and outdoor Health Smart Ring You can find it all here. As long as you wear a lightweight ring, you can view and record your exercise data This includes steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pace, and more.

  • Pressure detection

    Health smart ring understands your emotions and stress, and scores stress by detecting heart rate variability.

  • Female physiological cycle

    It is possible to predict the menstrual cycle of female users based on temperature changes and user feedback.
    The body temperature changes with the menstrual cycle, increasing before ovulation and decreasing at the beginning of measurement.


1. Customization of APP and software
2. Support APP customization; SDK technical support services;
3. Support hardware function and product name customization services;
4. Support product appearance independent design services;
5. Support independent packaging box design and customization;
6. Customize color, material, LOGO

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